Moaca's story


You probably know us from TikTok! Joelmoaca. Moaca was a stray dog ​​in Romania. She was hit by a train when she was about 6 months old. She lost half her muzzle and 1 finger. The veterinarians of Nomad Veterinary Association saved her. Moaca has had a long operation of about 5 hours! They didn't expect her to survive, but Moaca is a real warrior!


Moaca can eat and drink by her own. She don't have pain! We ask the Veterinary if Moaca needs a prosthesis, but she don't need that because she doing fine without!

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Kaviya Sandra
18 days ago

Truthly have to thank you first of all...You're amazing soul took care of Moaca ❤️❤️❤️ I have saw her in tiktok alot of love for you baby Moaca , I love you 😘❤️

Bonalee Keyes 🤍
21 days ago

Who’s a good girl? You a good girl. ❤️

Maria A Caporale
a month ago

What a beautiful dog with deep, soulful eyes! I’m in love.

2 months ago

She is so sweet

Jaslene Renzaho
2 months ago

Hi Moaca i saw you on tiktok and you sweet and i love you so much and be a girl forever
Girl power

2 months ago

Wow, i cant believe moaca survived that! Such a fighter! I’m happy she’s here well and good! Wish you both the best!💕

Lisa Kranz
2 months ago

Er ist mit Abstand der süßeste hund denn ich jemals gedehen habe.! Sofort verliebt.!